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RGI Mobile®

Healthcare Analytics Platform®

RGI’s software products provide real time clinical data analytics and retrospective analytics that integrate data from multiple sources and bring streaming analytics to the point of care.

RGI Products solve the problem of how to obtain usable data from electronic medical records and medical devices to improve clinical care delivery. RGI’s two primary products are the Healthcare Analytics Platform, for retrospective ad hoc analytics of clinical data, and RGI Mobile, for point-of-care clinical decision support.

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Making data work for you


    We turn complexity into clarity. Our algorithms accommodate inconsistencies and synthesize data, regardless of nomenclatures, data sources, and operating systems. The interface is simple and visual, so it's easy to use and easy to like.

  • Iterative

    Our solution unlocks data in all its depth and complexity. Clinicians pose queries and refine parameters until they pinpoint an actionable insight.

  • Immediate

    Proprietary algorithms work rapidly behind the scenes, navigating through dense data so that clinicians can focus on problem-solving and patient care.

Robust analytics, real change

The Veterans Health Administration (VA) is America’s largest integrated healthcare system. Each year, it serves 8.3 million veterans at over 150 sites in 21 regions.

In 2002, a committee of VA anesthesiologists recognized the potential in analyzing data from ICU and OR patients. In 2004, one of the VA’s regional networks began using RGI’s Healthcare Analytics Solution®. As a result of this initial effort, the VA adopted the RGI analytics as a “critical component” of a VA-wide critical care and anesthesia clinical information system initiative and the development of a “Comprehensive Anesthesia Quality Improvement Program.”


  • Prudent

    Our solution is road-tested and ready to install. We take care of everything from installation to operation, including data loading, system maintenance, and software upgrades.

  • Protected

    RGI has carefully developed the Healthcare Analytics Solution® to ensure the privacy of all patients. It is a web-based application, so all patient data remains on a secure server.

  • Proven

    The Veteran Health Administration system began using our analytics software in 2004. Today, our software processes over a billion VA records every day.

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Humanizing data

RGI’s staff has a diversity of technology and healthcare backgrounds. What unites us is the belief that technology can make the world a healthier place.


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